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Our Story

We want a platform that embraces the idea of flexible and modern work culture, but most of the work collaboration and freelancer platforms in the market are either expensive (i.e. taking big cut on each project or charging higher fees) or lack of technologies and features that benefits users. So, we launched Job4All in March 2020, striving to provide collaborators (professionals, employees, freelancers, etc.) and employers (companies, institutions, etc.) with cost-effective and technologically-enriched platform that can collaborate better on projects and services, yet still achieve low cost per project. Today, we proud of ourself as the unique platform that provides advanced professional service automation (PSA) and yet still providing personalized service experience, helping collaborators to improve their skillsets, and lowering the cost of project collaboration.


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Our Vision

The Future of Flexible Work Culture

In future, we envisaged that work culture will not be 9-to-5 working hours; rather we will be able to work flexibly from anywhere and utilize automation and technology to achieve the work-life balance. Job4All will embody this vision, empowering employers, professionals and collaborators to achieve sustainable work culture.

Our Mission

Creating Better Collaborative Work Culture

To equip Job4All with technologies to automate professional services, to facilitate collaboration between collaborators and employers, to enrich their skills and knowledge, and to save them time or money on projects and services.

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Our Core Values

Creating Better Value for Our Customers

We will endeavour to create values for our customers, uphold the spirit of “win-win” collaboration, and to create features, tools and services that benefit both collaborators and employers, and helping them to achieve successful project collaboration.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Soonleh Ling, Founder & CEO 

Created Job4All, approachable, friendly and enthusiastic enterpreneur.

More About Dr. Ling
Abhigyan Singh, COO

Experienced, pragmatic, charismatic, and helpful enterpreneur.

More About Abhigyan
Mihaela Beleci, Social Media Specialist

Creative, artistic, friendly and energetic expert in social media channels.

More About Mihaela
Ling Tze Hock, Chief Platform Officer

Creative, experienced, reliable and hardworking engineer.

Guo Hong, Chief IT Officer 

Experienced, reliable and professional IT administrator and engineer.


Job4All Careers

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