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Setting up Collaborator Profile on Job4All Platform

When you registered with Job4All as collaborator, you will be able to login to the collaborator user dashboard.

In order to showcase your professional profile, you need to fill in and set up your profie. This can be done under "Profile Settings" menu. A snapshot of the menu is shown below:

Collaborator Profile Settings

The profile setting is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Collaborator profile is divided into 3 categories:

  • Personal details and skills - here you fill up your name, photos, describe yourself and importantly the skills you possess
  • Education and work experience - here you fill up any project work that you have done and about your key education/qualification
  • Projects and Awards - here you can share any outstanding awards you have obtained and projects you have done in the past. 

Note that those details will be shown in the Job4All's collaborator page. So, do try to avoid any confidential project or information. 

Regarding the skills that collaborator can add. This depends on the subscription package, which limits the number of skills that he/she can add. Also, the skill database may not be comprehensive as one can imagine that different people will have different skill sets.  So, if you could not find the skill you require, please contact us and we will be happy to add that skill onto the database. 

Once you have filled up all the details, go to Job4All's collaborator page to check how it will look, especially the photo and banner picture quality. 

So, once you have setup your professional profile, you will start attracting the employers' attention and hopefully you will start collaborating on the projects at Job4All platform.