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Data Security of Job4All Platform

Job4All is built based on industry-recognised website framework. The security of backend data is of paramount importance. Firstly, Job4All's revenue is not based on data mining, advertisements and marketing campaigns. So, users' data will not be shared with any third party companies, marketing agents, data analysis agency, etc. 

The standard of hosting the backend data for Job4All is following similar track like most of the enterprises or SMEs out there in the market. We use UK-based data hosting company to store user's database and regular back-ups are performed. We will constantly seek IT/infrastucture solution or technology that could better manage our data and security aspects based on our inhouse IT expertise.

To fully compliant with each jurisdiction's data and privacy laws, we give full control of user data to each individual user. If user woud like to take back control of their data or delete the data, user can easily perform the action in their respective account or user dashboard. 

Steps to delete the user account data

 Simply login to your Job4All account, click on the settings --> Account Settings, you will see the page below:

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Enter the password and click "Delete Account". Please note that once the account has been deleted, all user data will be removed from our backend database. So, please be very sure that you want to do that as the process is irreversible.