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Setting up Employer Profile on Job4All Platform

When you registered with Job4All as employer, you will be able to login to the employer dashboard.

Perhaps the first thing you need to complete when you login for the first time is to complete your company profile. This can be done under the "Profile Settings" menu.

As Job4All do not want to over-expose company profile over data security, the "Profile Settings" is designed to mimic a normal company website. This means that the usual information such as

  • Company name
  • What the company does, its core business, etc.
  • Contact details, location, etc.
  • Some nice corporate profile pictures, logo, etc. 

can be entered into the profile settings. Remember to click "Save&Update" button to save your company profile. 

Note that at the Job4All Employer page, your company's name and its core business description will be displayed. If you have started to post the projects in order to attract collaboration, then they will also be displayed under your company profile. 

A snapshot of Profile Settings menu is shown below:

Company Profile Settings


Job4All platform represents a good way to showcase your company in order to attract more business and collaboration. You can always optimise your company profile by checking your company profile at employer page to see how your company profile looks like.