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1. What is Job4All?

Job4All is a work collaboration platform. User can register either as a collaborator (i.e. wanted to work on a project) or as a employer (i.e. wanted to post a project and look for collaborators). When the project has been completed, the collaborator(s) will be paid with crypto-currency called "Jcoin". The value of Jcoin is pegged against USD (we initially set 1 Jcoin = 1 USD), and can be traded later on the crypto-currentcy exchange market. Note that this feature is available at the later release of the platform. 


2. How to start using Job4All?

First, you just need to register on Job4All by clicking the "Join Now". At the moment, it is free to register, but it could be chargeable in future. Once registered, you can start looking for a project to collaborate, or as employer, you can start posting a project to seek collaboration.


3. Is there any privacy concern for using Job4All?

No. Job4All only display information that you enter in your user dashboard such as your name, your professional profile, etc. We do not share your information to any third party, marketing or data surveilance agency. You have total control of what information you want to share with us. As rule of thumb, you should only provide information and data that allows you to operate on Job4All platform. Furthermore, your profile or information will only be visible by registered members of Job4All. In other word, users who have not registered with Job4All will only be able to see a very short summary of collaborators and employers when they visit the Job4All homepage. 

Apart from the privacy policy formulated, employer should be mindful of sharing confidential information as his/her company credentials and profile will be published on the platform. Your data is stored securely on the server and we do not share those data with third party.

Hence, there is no privacy concern because our platform is built from secured framework architecture.


4. How to use the Jcoin?

We adopted the digital token technology and currently utilise the specially created digital token (i.e. Jcoin) to handle all the transactions, i.e. when employers pay the collaborators upon completion of projects.

To ensure employer can start using the platform to collaborate on projects, he/she must purchase the subscription package. There are several packages created by Job4All administration team. Note that employer will be free to use the platform without purchasing the package at the moment. 


5. What is the cost of using Job4All platform?

Job4All charges 9% of fee (credit card transaction fee, service fee, tax, admin, etc.) for each completed project. When employer invoiced the collaborator, the invoice will be scrutinised by Job4All admin and the fee will be deducted accordingly before releasing the payment to the collaborator.

In this way, if there is dispute or issue, Job4All admin can investigate and handle the issue accordingly. 


6. How to use Job4All to manage projects?

Job4All platform has several tools that help to manage the projects, i.e. chat/communication tool, create, post, monitor and track project progress, file sharing (upload and download files), and many more useful tools will be created going forward.

Therefore, project management task will be greatly simplified. 


7. Is there any charge or fee for using Job4All?

As a business, we do charge collaborators and employers for a fee from using Job4All. We offer subscription packages for collaborators and employers and they are free to purchase those packages that suit their need after registering with us. However, at this moment, we do not charge any fee for using our platform. We also provide free usage offer such as during our initial launch of features or major release, for charitable causes or for CSR purpose (such as COVID-19). These offers are displayed on Job4All homepage banner (as dynamic texts). So, please visit Job4All regularly to look for those offers. 


8. What are the benefits of using Job4All?

Creating a profile and/or account on Job4All help to attract talents and gain publicity for the employer or business. When the project collaboration went well, trust and reputation will be gained.

So, the more project collaboration, the more trust and credential will be obtained. Each time, employer can submit review and feedback about the collaborator's professionalism and quality of work. 


9. What if there is a dispute or issue with the collaboration?

One typical scenario in any project collaboration is when there is disagreement between the project owner (i.e. stakeholders) and the collaborator. In this scenario, Job4All will act as intermediary to investigate the issue. In the event that there is no clear indication of the party at fault, Job4All will ask both employer and collaborator to cancel the project collaboration with immediate effect.

Should any party still not satisfied with the intermediary outcome, according to the Terms of Service, the party involved can exercise their right to cancel the usage of Job4All platform. 


10. Is it important to complete the credentials and profile?

It is essential to create profile in the account settings, sharing work experience, education, qualifications and skills. The more projects that the collaborator completed, the more trust and reputation he/she will gain. 


11. How to start project collaboration?

The following steps highlight the project collaboration process: 
Step 1: Browse and find the right project to work on from employers. 
Step 2: Submit the proposal to collaborate on the project. 
Step 3: Once employer accepts the collaboration proposal, start deliver the project. 
Step 4: Communicate with employer and ensure project is on-target to complete on time. Ensure all deliverables are fulfilled. 
Step 5: Once both parties agree on the completion of project, wait for Job4All to settle the invoice and initiate payouts. 
Step 6: Provide feedback and review the employer. 

12. How much can I earn?

Currently we do not charge any commission for submitting proposal. So, the collaborator just need to purchase the package (i.e. subscription-like fee) in order to be able to submit collaboration proposal. Hence, collaborator can keep all the earnings from the project work. Collaborator can view and monitor the total earnings in the dashboard. Collaborator can request to send all the earnings to his/her bank account.