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Meaning of Collaboration

In this article, we provide some explanation into the meaning of collaboration, and how the spirit of collaboration can be used to solve the contentious issues and problems faced by employers and employees (i.e. collaborators). For every projects and services offered on Job4All, the collaborative problem-solving mindset will be adopted. 

Collaboration - is defined here as a group of mixed-background people working together on a project to achieve "win-win" outcome or goal. 

One of the most common breakdown scenarios in project execution is the conflict of outcomes or deliverables. Employers and employees are locked in the vicous cycles of arguments on delivering the project milestone. To resolve this conflict, we provide the spirit of collaboration as the way forward. Severay key ingredients are included in Job4All to provide the spirit of collaboration:

  • Project posting with clearly defined goal or outcome
  • Collaborator send clealy defined proposal to employer prior to the start of collaboration
  • "win-win" mindset of collaboration where this means that compromise from all parties involved in the collaboration. This also means that monetary aspect will be of lower priority compared to achievement, recognition and successful completion of collaboration
  • Use of file sharing, real-time chat communication on Job4All 

What if things are really not working out? 


Often it will happen that things are really not working out as expected in project execution, and finger-pointing starts to fly in. In this scenario, we encourage all parties involved in the project to work out the resolution or way forward to terminate the project execution.

In the spirit of collaboration, try to work out the pro-rata monetary settlement based on the percentage of project completion.

The alternative will be to ask Job4All to mediate but such alternative will take time and the outcome will not be ideal for both employers and collaborators. So, we prefer to use the spirit of collaboration to resolve any conflict of collaboration on Job4All. We believe that this is the natural way of doing projects and interact among the stakeholders of project. 


Do keep in touch with us (via register with us or contact us) if you have any good ideas of how to better collaborate on Job4All, particularly on innovative way to resolve problems arising from collaboration.