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Project Category - How It Works

Selecting the project category is one of the many details that you need to enter when posting a project. This project category is linked to the homepage "Popular Project Categories". 

Project category is created in a scalable way by the Job4All platform administrator. When there is a demand to create a new project category, this will be created and available to employers to select when they post a project. So, if you would like to create a new project category to specifically tailored to your project, then please contact us

Within a project, you can select more than one project category. However, the subscription package that you have might limit the number of project category that you can select for each project. (Note that at this early stage, this restriction should be removed, and if you find any such limit still on, please contact us). 

To select project category, in your post a project page, scroll down to the Project Categories box and you should be able to see all the project categories on the system. See screenshot below:

Project Category Setting

You can always edit the project later on to add or remove any project category. 

Project Category Search

Project Categories also appear in the search sidebar when you click on "Projects" menu. This is to facilitate the search and narrow down the project search results to the categories that you want. As the number of projects grows on the system, this is a great helping tool. 



Project category is a powerful way to organise the projects on the system and this is done in a scalable manner. Over time, we will implement more useful feature for project category in order for Job4All platform users to better manage the projects and make things more convenient for them. So, if you have any good suggestion, please do let us know by contacting us